My rate for editing is $35 per hour. The same rate applies no matter what type of editing I am doing for you. High level edits take more time per page than copyediting, which takes more time than proofreading.

Before you commit to me as an editor, you might want to give my services a spin. I will do a five-page complimentary edit to give both of us an idea of whether we are a good fit for each other.

Just contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this page to set up your free sample edit.

In a high level edit of your manuscript, I am looking at the big picture. I look at plot, character development, pacing, and voice and make suggestions to you about how to make your book work as a whole. I make changes and suggestions using the "Track Changes" feature of Word.

Content/High Level Edit

The copy editing phase is a fine-tuning process. This type of edit takes place after your manuscript is already in pretty good shape. During the copy edit, I check your spelling and punctuation, work on consistency, and make changes in formatting.



This is the last stage of edits before your book is ready to go. When I proofread, I read through your manuscript and correct any spelling, grammar, and formatting issues.




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